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Perpustaxaan is an initiative, a method, and a platform that collects and showcases collections of subculture related artefacts openly online. These collections are gathered from various online and offline resources, which so far consist music from hardcore and punk bands (#PunkArsipan) and independent publishings (zine and underground newsletter or pamphlet). Both of the collections are made and published in and by Indonesian.

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#PunkArsipan is an initiative that collect information about hardcore and punk music in Indonesia. The collection kicked off by act of collecting music files scattered in several archival or free download music outlets like Katuamidruta, punkindonesiamp3, indieshow.biz, Old Skull MP3 or from music sharing platform like Bandcamp, Soundcloud, dan ReverbNation. We plan to always expand the collection, either the number of the collection or the method to approach each of it individually (like a database of each song that shows language used in each of song title that we're going to release soon). For now we provide raw database and direct access to the archive so while user can access our notation method, they could also directly listen, copy and redistribute the collection. Moreover, instead of having them viewed through normative intellectual property binoculars as mere "piracy", we want the websites we referenced above to also be interpreted more deeply as forms of self-archiving that arose out of a strong intention to share knowledge. For this reason, we will also seek to provide a space for documenting these independent archiving initiatives.

Database of hardcore and punk music of Indonesia

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#KoleksiTerbitanMandiri is an initiative that collect copies of independent publication from Indonesia. This collection also kicked off by collecting online archive of zine, newsletter, pamphlet, magazine, and other types or form of indie publication in the internet. Some of it are scanned from our admin's own printed indie publication collection. In this section we also plan to complete the metadata of each publication into a bibliographical form. Other form of expansion that we want to do is to connect information contained in some of the publication with our other collection section.

Access the catalog here.

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